Uniclean Washer Disinfector Range

MMM Washer Disinfectors

A full range of Washer Disinfector solutions

  • Uniclean PLII Instrument Washer Disinfectors
    Uniclean PLII Instrument Washer Disinfectors
  • Uniclean ML Trolley Washers
    Uniclean ML Trolley Washers
  • Washer auto loading system
    Washer auto loading system
  • Standard loading racks
    Standard loading racks
  • Uniclean PLII loading
    Uniclean PLII loading
  • Uniclean ML Trolley Washer
    Uniclean ML Trolley Washer
  • Specialist instrument racks
    Specialist instrument racks
  • Uniclean PLII Instrument Washer
    Uniclean PLII Instrument Washer
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MMM Uniclean Washers

  • Instrument and Trolley Washer Disinfectors
  • Competitively short cycle times
  • Efficient and economical washing system
  • Powerful drying
  • Innovative water distribution
  • User friendly operation



Uniclean PLII drying system

  1. HEPA filter
  2. Fan
  3. Air preheating
  4. Air supply to the chamber
  5. Drying stage turbine
  6. Exhaust air